Who am I

Morrison for Legislature Press Release
March 2018

George Morrison, a U.S.A.F. veteran, is a second time candidate for the Idaho Legislature; seat 33b. A seat currently held by the far right cabal of Bonneville County. Morrison is a 28 year resident of Idaho Falls. He has been married to Jackie for 23 years and is still on his honeymoon. They have raised 7 children; have 8 grandchildren, 2 great grand-children. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Long Beach State University.
“There has been a one party domination in the state legislature for over 20 years. Our progress diminished our effectiveness muted. They are not meeting the needs of the average Idahoan. They can’t even hear them. There is no accountability, because for so long there have not been enough voices challenging them.
Morrison said:
“I do not have to take a pledge to the ideas of others in order to be on the ballot, I can listen to the electorate and we can, together, move forward for a better Idaho. I would like to see more thoughtful and critical thinking in the Capital. Government can be more effective, without being bigger. It is a matter of priorities. The state government can also be more responsible and open in its actions.”
I don’t believe in conspiracies, I don’t think the world is flat, I don’t applaud anarchists who want to violently overthrow the government; I wouldn’t let them near the Capital bldg.. I don’t think there are nice Nazis. I don’t think the middle class should pay the taxes of the top 2%. There is not an international conspiracy called Agenda 21.
I do think we should make the best health care plan available. I do think we can improve our schools and pay our teachers a living wage with good insurance. The quality and meaningfulness of the bills coming from them is pathetic; causing us National embarrassment. It is time to change the balance in the House.”

I am the citizen legislator that our state founders had in mind. I am not a career politician. I am a progressive, a pragmatist who will bring some new ideas to the State House. I am an old guy with a young mind and creative thoughts. It is time to change the political party balance in Boise, time to do some things for all the people instead of the favored few. I am not impressed with stuffy and sometimes ignorant people and their closed minds, who continue the same old thinking year after year.
I will listen to the electorate and give an opinion and we can work together toward the direction we want. I’d like to see more variety, critical thinking and openness in the legislature. I know that government can be more effective and responsive without being bigger. I will be accountable to the people of this district. I will be a voice not an echo.
I am appalled by the quality of bills passed by the legislators in past years. They make Idaho look silly in the eyes of the Nation. We need to close the health gap; we need to stop the legislative grab of local power from the cities and counties. We need for the legislature to stop authorizing the Governor to spend millions for wasted law suits and give that money to the schools and other useful places, such as infra-structure or school building fund.
I will appreciate the support of the citizens of Idaho Falls. I do not seek campaign funds from companies or selfish special interests. It’s time for a change, let’s make it.



There are many issues in this campaign and they sometimes seem insurmountable. At times I feel like Don Quixote, charging them on my burro. It can seem foolish to try. There are so many windmills.
But I am a stubborn old man and I don’t give up easily. I know, “I stand on the shoulders of giants,” to quote Steven Hawking. There have been great accomplishments made against much greater odds. But our cause is also good, the people’s cause, the people’s betterment.
When doubt creeps cowardly into my mind, I push it away; I think of those special needs children, of single moms, struggling to just barely make ends meet. I think of people with serious and long-term medical issues. I think of reports that in some areas our schools rank 49th in the nation. I think of dedicated, caring and unselfish teachers working hard; using in many cases their own paltry pay to teach and conduct their classes.
I think of people having to have two minimum wage jobs, or even three in the same family, working hard every day and still struggling; while the Legislature gives huge tax breaks to the wealthy and to special interests; and gives themselves very good taxpayer funded healthcare.
I think of how many years since there has been fair competition in the Idaho House and Senate. I think of how long there has been little accountability, openness and caring for the average Idahoan.
Besides the people issues are the wacky extremist issues, which serve no real purpose
Agenda 21…a nonsense idea concocted by the John Birch Society; If there ever was fake news this is it; yet our local reps give it legs by encouraging and attending.

Time wasted worrying about“ foreign laws”
Supporting the nullification of Federal laws.
Support to the Oregon anarchists.
Being slaves to the so-called “Freedom Caucus.”
These are just some of the issues. My opponent’s goal is to disrupt, not to accomplish something worthwhile.
The time has come. I will get back on my burro, point my lance forward and look for the next windmill. This time I will knock it down. Join me; get your friends and family to join us. Get people registered and interested in voting. We are better as a team; we are a stronger voice and not an echo. Let’s stop the nonsense. Let’s have good health, good schools, good government. Your power is in the vote, use it.